One of the most challenging modes of transportation in the logistics industry is refrigerated less-than-truckload (LTL). While many shipping providers are unable to service these shipments, All Star Delivery has built a fast and reliable network throughout the USA for frozen and refrigerated temperature controlled shipments. Whether you ship ice cream, desserts, appetizers, bakery items, meat, plant based meat, dairy, plant based dairy, yogurt, produce, or chocolate confections we can haul it!

What is LTL?

LTL and refrigerated (or reefer) LTL is the process of shipping refrigerated or temperature-controlled freight that does not require the space of an entire trailer (full truckload). Less-Than-Truckload is abbreviated as LTL. In the case of temperature control, a special refrigerated trailer maintains a specified temperature or range of temperatures to prevent the freight on board from thaw, melt, or other damaging condition. Frozen meat, for example would ship under a temperature range of -10 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, while dairy items would be held at +33 to +36 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, LTL will experience an acceptable range of temperatures, whereas full truckload will hold one specific temperature.

Refrigerated LTL vs Dry LTL - What's the difference?

In short, Dry LTL is typically an on demand service where the carrier may pickup and deliver every day of the week. Refrigerated LTL operates by sail dates. Sail dates are a formalized schedule of movement where a truck "sets sail" to certain destinations on certain days. Pickups may only take place on one or two days of the week, and deliveries on others.

To expound a bit, lets say a shipper in New Jersey is shipping dry ambient unprotected temperature LTL to Florida. Pickup can normally take place any day of the week within a few hours. Based on standard transit times, the freight will move through the system from terminal to terminal and become available to deliver any day of the week following linehaul transit.

With refrigerated LTL in the same lane, pickup can normally take place any day of the week. However, the sail date may be only Tuesdays and Fridays. That means if your shipment is picked up on a Monday or Tuesday, it will set sail to Florida Tuesday night. If your shipment picks up on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, your shipment will set sail on Friday night arriving and available for delivery a few days later.

While this may appear to be more restrictive, it helps maintain the integrity of the products being shipped, due to temperature stability and less interim handling in transit.

Does it make sense to ship refrigerated LTL?

In most cases, absolutely! Especially with experts like All Star Delivery.

Our team understands that grocers, club stores, and mass retailers for organic, natural, keto, and plant based products require receipt of product on time, in full, and at proper temperature. All Star Delivery sets your freight up for success, by intuitively scheduling pickups to coincide with sail dates to meet those required lead times. All that orchestrated just for you, with highly personalized service, while saving you money!

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